29 jun. 2010

Little helpers

One, one
Cinnamon bun.
Two, two
Chicken stew.
Three, three
Cakes and tea.
Four, four
You want more?
Five, five,
Honey in a hyve
Six, six
Candy sticks.
Seven, seven
Straight from heaven.
Eight, eight
Clean our plate.
Nine, nine
look at mine.
Ten, ten
Start over again!
Enjoy cooking Lotte!
Poem from www.101kidz.com

18 jun. 2010

Spoil yourself

I treated myself to this beautiful cutlery!
You have to spoil yourself every now and then, don't you think?

Below is a picture of the store where I bought my present

What a beautiful shop.
And how hard it was to choose my colour....

Have a happy weekend!

17 jun. 2010

A star is born

The five star is really one of my favourite things.
I thought I'd use this form to create someting fun.
These crafts are tiny so I can fabricate them anywhere I go.
Lots of fun to put on a shirt, coat or bag!

Off course in all kinds of colours...

Does'nt this colourfull collection make you happy?
I know it does me!
happy greetings,

3 jun. 2010

Happy creations

Lance's laptop case

Aurelia's Audrey