7 mei 2010


Little children,
don't you just love them?
I wanted to make a patchwork plaid
and decided one for the playpen was a good start (given the size)
This was the first one....
And when I got the hang of it I tried another one:

When I had my own booth at a Christmas market last year
someone was interested but thought they were bedspreads.
A bedspread... good idea!
Ever since that day I made four of them and am making two right now.
You will see them here soon..........
Have a happy weekend!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauww knap gedaan hoor Anna............en zo'n mooie kleur !!

    Roze........leuk leuk !! fijn gezellig weekend lieve groetjes Ria

  2. Ze zijn prachtig, ik ben dol op roze!
    Fijne dag morgen!
    Groetjes Corina