1 mei 2010


I have to admit, I'm a blog rookie.
Well, I will try this anyway.

I'm looking forward to telling you about what I do and showing you my creations and inspirations.

About three years ago I started designing and making little bags out of 'vilt' I guess the english word for this fabric is felt...
I started by making all of them, and each little detail, manually. In high school they taught me how to use a sewing machine (I went to a Waldorf School) but the machine didn't like me as much. It always refused to do what I wanted. So we did not become the greates of friends. To be honest with you, whenever the machine started to give me a hard time, I quickly changed to another when nobody was watching ;-).
Off course now I found out I had to give the sewing machine another chance. And guess what? We are the best of friends now.
My mom let me use her's and then gave me my own sewing machine for my birthday. A really great gift that I used very often. Within the one-year-warranty, my machine broke down. To my really big surprise the store told me I could get a full refund (after using it for eleven months!: karma? ;-) ). I thankfully took my money and invested it in a more powerfull machine I still use almost every day.

At the moment, I'm not only making little bags. I also make lots of other stuff:
  • birht(day) banners out of all kinds of happy cottons
  • small aprons for the little helpers in the kitchen

  • children's bedspreads

  • covers for diaries or books

  • cases for mobile phones

I do all this next to my day job and enjoy it very much.
Designing and making all this really makes me happy!

I have an amazing closet in my living room (thank you IKEA). It is filled with all my fantastic fabrics!
Everytime I come home, it makes me happy just looking at it!

p.s. I really tried to show some pictures here of my products, but this showed to be one step to far in my early blog adventures. Off course I was able to upload a photo but it did not appear at the place I want it to be.... Hopefully I will figure this out...

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  1. Hi Anna, je nieuwe achtergrond ziet er ontzettend vrolijk uit, heel leuk zo met die drie sterretjes onderin! Volgende project een Etsy shop linken aan je mooie blog? xx